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"If it doesn´t challenge you, it doesn´t change you."

Fred Devito

The BFG offers you many services and advantages. You decide how often, how intensively and how long you want to train. We help you to create your training to your individual needs.

Individuelle Entwicklungspläne

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Basic Package

The group training is the basic package of the BFG and a prerequisite for the participation in the Basler Fechtgarde.


Individual Package

In addition to the basic package there is the possibility to book private lessons.


Plus Package

The BFG offers individual competitive sports programmes to promote fencers in an even more focused way.

Global Fencing Network

Global Fencing Network is a platform for the worldwide connection of fencing clubs. WIth your participation in the BFG you are automatically a member of Global Fencing Network. This enables you to train free of charge with member clubs on your travels.  You can also benefit from fencing visits, volunteer coaching and exchange programmes. Take the chance and get to know clubs all over the world.

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