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The Basler Fechtgarde is a sister association of the Basler Fechtgesellschaft. The Basel fencing guard enjoys guest rights in the premises of the fencing company and uses its infrastructure.

The individual support programs of the canton of Basel Stadt open up our hopeful Basel athletes the opportunity to apply for support to promote their competitive sports careers.


des Kantons

Basel - Stadt

The Basler Fechtgarde  grants SWISS FENCING guest rights in its group training. SWISS FENCING uses these training courses to train its fencers.

Merian Santhé supports the athletes of our club in all matters of physical fitness and health. Merian Santhé acts as an active consultant for sports injuries and provides our athletes with his training rooms for athletic training.

The"Swisslos Leistungssport Fonds"  of the City of Basel actively supports the epee fencing sport in organizing the annual Junior World Cup tournament.

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